Monday, November 28, 2011

Thank you for the wrestling updates. That's is sweet that Zack won. I'm proud of him and I hope that he keeps it up starting the year with a great 2 wins. They may have been good wrestlers or chumps, but he won and now he has to push it harder. It's just not enough. The Lord will always ask more of us. That is one thing that I am glad that I have learned, that the Lord will always ask more of us and we've got to be prepared to give. I am reminded of a quote by Joseph Smith that says something to the fact that a religion that doesn't require the sacrifice of all things doesn't have power to carry us to life and salvation. Just when you think you're there, push a bit harder and you will be surprised what the Lord will do for you.

I've been able to put that to the test here in my new area. It's an area that has a reputation to be hard and to not have much success. Lately the amount of new investigators found weekly was a number very low to none. As my companion and I have contacted people with a stronger desire to share the gospel, the amount of people we are finding weekly has more than doubled and the quality of the people we find has also increased. Yesterday we had planned an hour to contact and when that hour came I wasn't very excited to do it but I thought to myself my purpose and I asked the Lord to help me fulfill my purpose and I gained a desire to find. I put my faith in the Lord and I knew that we were going to find and we did. We were able to find a family that was really nice and I pray that they will come to an understanding and knowledge of the restored gospel of Christ.

The turkey legs turned out great! We made some mashed potatoes to go with them and it was a great night. I used Grandpa's honey mustard sauce on one of the legs and it was great. I know that I probably shouldnt be thinking about it, but my companion and I talk about it everyday, about how we will be home this next holiday season. It's nice to know that I will be able to enjoy this time next year with everyone. I think that the best thing for me will be to wait so that I can work for a bit and prep for college and that will give me time to move to Utah if that is what I finally decide. We will have to talk about it as well over the phone.

Tell Johnny and Paula and Alexia and all of them that I say hi and that I wish them the best for these holiday seasons.

Well I have the package with me right now. I have yet to open it, but thank you so much for sending me all of the things you sent. I am so blessed to have a mother so amazing like you. I am pretty sure for the Christmas package they will get it to me as soon as possible. Could you send me some pictures, over email, of the house, like the front yard, boys room, my room and the backyard? I'd like to have stuff like that to show my companion and other people.

Well have a great week and know that you are in my prayers. Just so you know, from here on out I will be writing on Tuesday. President Brough changed P-day to Monday and the district meeting Tuesday and we write after district meeting. Next week we are having our Christmas activity as a mission and we will be going to the temple on Tuesday. It will be a great experience.

Elder Turner

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