Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Well this week was great! First off, thank you for the letter you sent me in the package. That was a great boost for me. And let Brooklyn know that I was glad to read her letters and that she needs to keep being great. This weekend two of God's children entered into the covenant of baptism in Santiago Atitlan. They are two young women who are already very active and one of them, although not a member finished her entire year of seminary.

I'm rejuvinated having gone thru the temple this morning. That was part of our Christmas activity that we did as a mission. We gave service yesterday in the morning and then we met up and played some games at a stake center in the capital. At 4 we ate dinner and began a fast for a mission goal of 205 baptisms in January which is a pretty high goal but we will accomplish it because we have put our faith in the Lord and that's what He wants too. We were on our way back to our zone leader's area at 10 and got here at 1. We had a testimony meeting in our separate districts and we came to the internet to write. My companion and I have to shop and then we will have another 2 hour ride back to our area.

That's great to hear about the boys' successes in wrestling. I saw the picture of Zack and the trophy. What a stud! It pumps me up to see them getting into gear and working hard. True success only comes when we apply the principle of sacrifice. Keep working hard boys. You've got a state championship to win this year.

That's great that everyone is staying busy this Christmas season. My companion and I are also staying busy and we are working hard to find the children of the Lord who are prepared to receive the gospel. Before I forget, in the activity we did as a mission we watched a movie called 17 miracles and it is about the Willie/Martin handcart company. It was a great movie and I recommend it for a great family night. I didn't catch it while the movie was playing, but as the credits were rolling I saw the name of Amy Loader who if I'm not mistaken is on our family tree. I don't remember if she was one of the main caracters, but anyways the movie was great.

I'm thinking of calling Sunday night for Christmas, just so you put that in the plans but I'll confirm with you as we get closer.

Just a quick story. So last Monday when my companion and I got up, the electricity in the town was out and so the main water pumps were down which means that we didn't have water. We had to get ready and go to the district meeting and decided we'd shower after we get back. We got back and the water was still out which was quite the bummer so we didn't get to shower but our solution to the problem was a great one. We walked down to the lake and waded knee deep in the water and bathed by splashing water on ourselves, soaping up, and washing the soap off. It was quite the experience, and I think all of the natives that passed by on their canoes got a good laugh to see the gringos bathing in the lake.

Well have a great week and do what is right. I love you and pray for you.

D&C 11:20

Elder Turner

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