Thursday, March 31, 2011

This was a great week and I'm pretty happy to hear that things are getting better at home. I got a laugh out of the kicked shin incident with Brooklyn, just imagining what had happened, but let her know that us Turners aren't quitters and that she has to play hard all the time. I imagine that me and Brooklyn are about the same playing level on soccer because against all these latinos I'm basically a joke. Soccer is their passion and I'm not that great so they just school me all the time.

Wow Mack! That is so amazing that you are singing a solo! I would never be able to do that, but I am getting better at talking to random people and not getting nervous. Keep up the great work Mack and you will be blessed by the Lord.

So Saturday was a great day with the baptism and everything turned out well. We started a little late, so that was the last thing we did Saturday and then on Sunday he was confirmed and also received the priesthood. It was such a happy day for me and I'm so blessed to have been there every step of the way with him from the first time we taught until he was baptized. The Lord has been giving me so many blessings as I strive to be the best that I can. I am trying to be the most obedient I can because it is thru obedience that we receive freedom. I know that this young man will be strong and he will have tons of support from his sister, brother in law and all of his brother in law's family who are all return missionaries.

The week in general was a bit slow because my companion got his ingrown toenail taken out (finally). He had been living with it for about a month and had been picking at it on his own although I constantly was telling him that it was going to get infected and it did, that's when he gave in. I did divisions with the young men in the ward and it was good to get out and work. We went to visit some people and to contact some references and we were blessed to find a family. I have learned that more than 90% of the time people are going to tell you that they don't have time and are busy but sometimes you just have to keep insisting and persisting until you get in the house. That's what I did. As the father told me that he had just got home from work and that his wife was gone so he couldn't let us in, I just started talking with him. Of course we got onto the topic of religion and I asked him, "Have you ever wondered why there are so many churches?" He responded "Ya. Jesus Christ only has one church, but why are there churches on every street?" I replied "That's such a great question and in fact we have just the answer. If you let us in for 15 min we will answer that exact question," and of course all was done with a smile :)

Sometimes we give up on the word no, but I have learned that "no" is like a bullet, it will either bring us down or we can dodge it and triumph. It's that simple, but it is all up to us.

I'm very proud to be a missionary for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is only in and thru Him that I am here in Guatemala receiving these blessings.

Love Elder Turner

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This might be a short email because its hard to type after reading that email. Thank you for informing me of whats been happening at home. I've been writing Kort and I sent him a letter a while back, but he hasn't written back since then. I guess I see why. As I read what you wrote mother I began crying. The worse part of the whole situation is that I feel guilty. I understand that it is not my fault because we are guilty for our own actions, but the fact that I have gone down that path and to hear that my brother is going down the same path really hurts. It is not a path that is easy to get out of but with the help of the Lord, our Savior Jesus Christ, we can overcome anything. I also want others to know that it is not appropriate to get upset and post things about your parents on the internet. Take a moment and think deep inside of all the things you have because of the sacrifices that your parents have made. They work day in and day out to put a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, food to eat and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Without them you would have absolutely nothing. You are so lucky to have the blessings you have. Every day I visit people who barely have a roof, and those who are truly lucky have a bed and in that bed sleep 8 children while the parents are on the floor. You can't even imagine the poorness of these people. Don't ever sell your parents like that by posting things on the internet. Every single day I have to help people get out of problems with drugs and alcohol and it tears me apart to see how lost they are. I can promise you that you don't want to live like that. Just turn to the Lord right now. Satan knows your weaknesses and he is working hard to get you down. He is telling you that you can't repent but it is never too late. Pray. Pray hard. Ask for the strength to get back on the path. The path is the only way to true happiness. I can promise you that I have never been happier in my life than I am now in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Well this week was good although we had to change a baptismal date because the teenager wants his sister who is a member to be there but she lives in the capital about 1 hour and 30 min away and has to make arrangements with work to come here. This Saturday or Sunday he will be baptized, confirmed and receive the priesthood! How great a blessing it is to see that he is taking the steps nessecary for salvation :)

This past week, Wednesday we had a zone conference and Elder Falabella of the Area Presidency came and nourished us by the word of the Lord. He talked to us about many important things, but what stuck with me the most is that we need to do what is sometimes the most difficult to have the best results. It is very true. It's hard to wake up at 630 when I could sleep until 635 but the Lord said 630 sharp. We must be punctual and exact with our obedience to be able to receive the blessings the Lord has prepared. If we are almost exactly obedient, we will almost receive blessings. I was reading in Jesus the Christ this morning and I felt impressed to share this with you: Luke 12:15, "And he said unto them, Take heed and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth." Also James E Talmage said, "The man whose treasure is of earth, leaves it all at death; he whose wealth is in heaven, goes to his own, and death is but the portal to his treasury"

I love you all so much.
Love Elder Turner

Monday, March 14, 2011

Well this week has been quite a blessing for me. Nothing out of the norm happened, but I feel like the Lord is just blessing me with a greater understanding and desire to be more grateful. I know that the Lord is wise in all of His purposes and He has placed me in an area with a companion so I can grow the most. Sometimes I find myself bickering to myself and quickly realize that it's getting me nowhere. I repent and I thank Heavenly Father for all the trials and experiences that he gives me because I know that he is refining me.

This past week it was really cold and really windy but today it has been so wonderful. Supposedly the weather is going to warm up but I think that the idea of warm between me and the people here is extremely different. They say that 25 degrees celcius is HOT (un calorĂ³n) but to me that's beautiful. I guess we'll see when it comes. I have not nor do I think that any part of Guatemala has been effected by the disaster in Japan. It was far enough away that by the time the effects reached Guatemala, about 16.5 hours after the original earthquake, no damage was done. It's a blessing to know that all of the missionaries there were accounted for. That was my first thought upon hearing that an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan was that I hope all the missionaries are safe. I know that the Lord has truly protected them as His representatives there in Japan. It's so great to know that as a representative of Christ, if I am obedient He will protect me, as it is with us all.

That is a good idea to put a garden in and I pray that the harvest will be great. I know that the Lord will provide a way if you remember to pay your tithing, fast, and pay fast offerings. The Lord Himself tells us that if we do so he will open the windows of heaven and pour blessings upon us that we will not have room enough to receive them. Don't forget that. Speaking of gardening, this Saturday me and my companion finally got to feel what it's like to be a normal man here in Patzicia because we got to give service by working out in the fields for a few hours. We had to hike 30 min to get to the Brother's property and when we got there we helped him clean up the land so that he can plant corn. It was a good experience and I feel like I am more part of the people :) I have to admit that my hands have realy sissied up since I haven't been doing much labor with my hands and I got a blister.

I knew that you would do great in your job mother. Don't underestimate yourself. You are the most amazing mom ever. You are my Mom :) I pray for you and I know that the Lord is on your side. This was the fastest month that has ever passed by being the same age as Kya. I feel old because time is going so fast and there is nothing that I can do about it :( You are so right about study mom. I learned very early in the mission that studying is essential and that when I study, my mind truly is filled with the word of the Lord and He promised. I have noticed that it isn't very popular among the latinos to study, but I feel blessed to have helped my 2 latino companions grow in their testimony of studying. I do my best to have my personal and companionship study everyday. I have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and I know that it is the word of God. Like Joseph Smith said, it is the most true book on the earth and that a man wold get closer to God by abiding its precepts than any other book. I love that WE have the blessing to be able to testify of that truth every day of OUR lives.

Cuidense bastante. Les Amo con todo mi corazon. (Take care of yourselves. I love you all with all my heart.)
Tenanchik (kaqchikel)

Elder Turner

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This week I got my birthday package!! I was so happy to get and so surprised too because I thought I wouldn't get it for another two weeks, but Sister Baldwin (Pres. Baldwin's wife) came to inspect the house of the other missionaries in our area and dropped packages off. I also got the cards from the ward. Thank you 12 Oaks 1st Ward!! I love you all and miss you. Your support is greatly appreciated!! I got the package from Chloe also, thank you very much. Deb don't worry I got your package too :) The family history stuff is so great Mom. Thank you for sending that. I never thought I would be so interested in my ancestors, but their stories are fortifying. I also got Grandpa Turner's "Book of Wisdom". Thank you for the package and thank you for all the great cds Kya! :)

I hope that the missionaries in the area will find success thru the help of the members. It is true and said by a prophet that missionary work will go forth with more power and more success if the full time missionaries and the members work together. I know and I have seen that promise put to the test in the area I'm in right now (patzicia). Our ward mission leader has been a key to our finding, teaching and baptizing. I love to know that it is not 100 percent up to me to find people, because contacting all day long gets a little tiresome although it does have its plusses. Mom you are so amazing to be praying for missionary experiences. A lot of times we become afraid to pray for missionary experiences because we know the Lord will give them to us, but when He gives us those opportunities it is because He trusts us and He will give us the words to say. Keep praying Mom!! :)

That's good to hear that Mack is growing up! It's crazy to think that the kids are gonna be so much older when I get home and that they will have developed into their own persons with their wills and desires! I miss you all so much Kya, Kort, Zack, Mackenzy, and Brooklyn and I pray for you all. Never lose the faith. Do what you know is right and stand for truth and the Lord will support you in all you do.

In all honesty I think my bowels are going to be a problem until I get back to the states but that's alright. Job suffered a lot worse for the Lord's sake. I'm trying to eat healthier although it is harder because it's expensive and we don't receive too much to buy the better foods. The language is coming along great and I know and I have gained a strong testimony that the gift of tongues is real. I have gotten to the point where I can have a conversation with just about any one (minus those who speak the dialect:)) although there will be a word or two that I have no idea what it means. I write the words down that I dont know and I look them up so that I can always continue to progress with the language. I'm so blessed to have the language be one of my strong points in the mission and that I'm not held back by the language barrier. It is all because the Lord sees fit.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Faith is what our decisions ought to be based on.

Elder Turner