Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time Flies When You're Serving the Lord

Weeks go by so fast when you have a missionary out! It's already P-Day again??

Elder Turner writes:
Mother!! another pday with out an email :( jk :) everything is alllll good. It has been a busy week and I am changin companions tomorrow. I'll be getting paired up with a latino companion because my spanish has been increasing tremendously.

This paragraph is specifically for Brooklyn and if you want to save it for her bday, you can do that.
BROOKLYN!!! Your time has come and you are going to be baptized soon! I am soooo proud and happy for you :) I can't express to you how happy I am for you. I am smiling from ear to ear thinking of you being baptized. The Lord is so proud of you for this amazing decision you will be making. Remember that no matter what you do in your life, your Savior Jesus Christ has paid the price for it, good or bad. You are amazing and I pray for you to be the best you can be. I love you so much and you are going to be an amazing member of the church. Be smart and know that you can go to your Father in Heaven for ANYTHING. Happy Birthday girl :)

Today we went to the market today and that was cool to get out in to the city. I was able to hold my own with all those fast speaking vendors and made some good deals. Hey Dad, I got you something from the market for you and I'll be sending it home in a while. Did the family get that package I had my comp in utah send home? We also went to the mall today in the city, and I have to admit, it is better then the chandler fashion center. I was shocked! Anyways I didn't enjoy it much because it was an extreme distraction.

There's not an awful too much to write about, but I want everyone to know that I love them. I am soooooo grateful for all of the support that everyone gives me, and the prayers really do help. I have been healthy this whole time!! I sent Kort and Zack letters a week ago, so watch for them.

Mom I love you so much. I cannot explain to you in a sentence of words how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate all that you have done for me. You are the most amazing mother ever and without you and your selfless loving example, I wouldn't be half the person I am today. I love you so much and pray for you always. You are the best mother anyone could ask for.

I love you all,
Elder Turner

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still Lovin' the CCM and Guatemalan Life

Mom's letter to Elder Turner:

I am sorry I missed emailing you last week. I was going to email Tuesday night so you could get it Wed., but I was at work Tuesday and your email popped up. It had already been about 30 min. since you had sent it, so I guess you were already done on the computer. There was a big thing in the paper last Wed. about the Mexican Independence Day, so it was neat to learn a little more about it.

So glad to hear that you arrived safely. That's funny that you had Domino's pizza when you got there. I guess you know that at least when you come into the city you can get something "American". I am glad to hear that your bowels have been good so far. We are praying that you won't be too affected by the change in food. Sis. Winter's son-in-law, John, that served in Guatemala said be careful of the meat. If you can eat lots of fruits/veggies and rice/beans it should be easier on your body.

That's great to hear that you and your companion are Zone Leaders. What is your companion's name and where is he from? Who else have you made friends with there? Do you have any pictures that you can send? Are you able to upload them onto the computer and attach them to your email?

I sent you some stamps last Friday. I taped some to the inside of a letter and sent it pouch. We'll see if it gets through. I also sent some just regular mail. Watch for them- I want to see how long they take to get there. I am assuming you wanted just regular US stamps to put on the letters you are going to send through pouch - is that right?

Kort got his permit today. He is really excited to go out driving. We watched a video clip for FHE tonight that our insurance agent sent to us about a 19 year old boy that was texting while he was driving. He crossed the center line and hit another car and killed the 2 men inside. It was pretty sad, but hopefully it makes the boys think and realize they aren't invincible.

Dad and I are going to Wisconsin this weekend for DeForest's 20 year reunion. Too bad you aren't here to stay with the kids! jk The girls are going to stay with Geri Jean and Robin and the boys will be with Francois' and Reisterer's probably.

Love you son! Know that we pray for you everyday and are proud of you!

He responds:

It's all good I figured that's what the situation was. I love you so much mom. Thank you for all of your support. Every night before bed I pray and give thanks, and it seems like every time I pray the Lord tells me that you are the most amazing mom and that you and dad have been the most amazing parents for me. I honestly couldn't ask for any better parents. I love you so much and thank you so much for allowing me to make the decision for myself to serve. I will forever be indebted to you and dad.

I have found that the veggies really do help. I've had a salad at dinner every time the serve it and I am sure to eat all my beans and rice:) My companion was also hoping you could pray for healthy bowel movements for him too. His name is Elder Walls and he is from Colorado Durango area. I would upload pics but we can't do it on these computers...not really sure why, I think it's just rules so I need to be obedient.

I will be sending a card home soon with pictures on it and if you could make sure they get to Kya for the blog, that would be great. We can only take pics on wednesday here too so I haven't had too many opportunities to take pics.

YIKES!!!!!! get off the roads! They are no longer safe!!!! jk :) That's way cool Kort, I will write you a letter today; should be there in 2 weeks. Always remember that if you are righteous, the Lord will protect you, but also keep in mind, Alma 60:13.

I did end up getting a few stamps here, but thank you so much Mom, I'll let you know when I get the letters. Thank you so much, I love you.

So yesterday, Tuesday, we went to the central parque to go proselyting and that was awesome! So humbling too. It's amazing how the spirit works thru us especially how weak and frail human beings we are. I love D&C 1. Anyways at the parque, we gave away 2 LdM to some amazing people who were so prepared. The old man we first gave to wanted to know what the difference was between Catholics and Mormons and I was able to tell him that we have prophets and that we have the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and he said he wanted to know what was in El Libro de Mormón. It was sooooooo awsome. There was a crazy fight in the parque while we were there too! Also there were people in the parque walking their goats and selling fresh goat milk.

We were supposed to have an area 70 last night but he is coming tonight. Not sure what the mix up was but it will work out. I got a cool shirt with llamados a servir on the front with a picture of Lehi's dream for 5$. I hear that coca cola in latin america is super good and I'll get to find out next week :)

I love you all so much. Life is busy here and I have to go. Keep it real and SERVE THE LORD!!!!! He is our master and thru him we can do all!!!

Love Elder Turner

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Before He Left

Elder Turner gave his farewell talk on August 15 and many family members and friends were there to support him. He also had the chance to visit some temples before he left for the MTC. We'll continue posting pictures as Elder Turner sends them...we can't wait to see what he's up to in Guatemala!!
Elder Turner
Proud Mom and Dad
Proud Mom and Dad part 2
Sorenson Family
Rob, Eric, Stefan, and Andrew
Grandma and Grandpa Bench
Mesa Arizona Temple

Salt Lake Temple

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New language, new calling, new place, new...last name???

Elder Turner is enjoying his time in the CCM (Guatemala's MTC) learning LOTS of new things. He writes:

Famila y Amigos!!!

Lo siento por que hoy, martes esta mi dia de preparacion, por que mañana es la dia de independencia en Guatemala. (tuesday is my pday cuz tomorrow is Guatemala independence day, i guess its crazy in town so they dont want us to be out of the CCM gates really at all tomorrow.

Wyron was so right! there are totillas at evey meal and you can also almost always count on beans with that.

Good news, me and my companion are Zone Leaders as of Sunday. we are in charge of the 2 new distritos de Norte Americanos nuevos. It was kinda crazy when we found out because the whole meeting was in spanish and the started anouncing callings and we had no idea what they were and the all the sudden we heard our name and stood up having no idea what we just got assigned to do!! It is way cool to be in a leadership position to serve even more my fellow companions friends and elders.

On wednesday a bus load plus more of latinos got here in the afternoon and that has been quite the experience. i have made so many new friends and my efforts desires and abilities with spanish have been growing immensely! the Lord truly calls us where us as servants specifically need to be and He prepares a way for your success. My name to all of the latinos is pronounce Elder Toornair. Its so funny to hear them always ask how to say my name. i love it!

The president here is so nice, and his wife is too. They make this experience feel like im at home. Sis Steimle is so sweet and loving. Pres Steimle is so inspirational and he make me want to be better every time i talk to him. he has given me an even better outlook on obedience.

The gym at this CCM is way better than provo believe it or not. i love it! we get 45 min a day to workout minus Saturday and Sunday. I love my teachers too Hma Sosa, Hma Leonardo and Hmo Estrada. They are way nice and i love how much they care about their job to serve us.

In 3 weeks we get to go to the Central Parque and proselyte!! its going to be crazy, but i am so excited. i know that the gift of tongues is real and i have seen it in my everyday life here!! i love you all!!

1 nephi 9

Elder Toornair

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Elder Turner is now in Guatemala!

Elder Turner has finally arrived in Guatemala. He left Tuesday September 7th in the morning and flew to Texas where he spent a few hours waiting for his flight to Guatemala. He called home to talk to the family (and called me too!!) and it was so good to hear from him. The next time he'll be calling home is Christmas. We are so proud of him and the things he has already accomplished in his service to the Lord. He said he'll be sending pictures soon, so that will be nice to actually see what he's up to in a foreign country! He absolutely loves what he's doing and he is learning a lot. That little gringo will be speaking spanish fluently in no time!!

This is his first letter from Guatemala. He'll spend 6 weeks in the MTC there before he actually gets out into the city and really goes to work. His experience is unique because he spends time in the Provo MTC and the Guatemala MTC, whereas most missionaries spend all of their introduction time in the Provo MTC (unless you're special and go to the MTC in Brazil or England or the other ones).

Elder Turner writes:
I am in Guatemala now. we arrived about 930 and got to the CCM (mtc) about 1030. We had dominoes pizza for dinner and that was kinda a comforting thing to know that there is a little more than beans and rice here. jk jk :) The real food is actually great. I loved my beans and eggs for breakfast. I can already feel my spanish picking up because thats all you hear. I love this place. As i type this email i am looking out the window at the temple and it is magnificent. So beautiful i cant put in words. My p-days are wednesdays and i will be emailing then for the next 6 weeks. Every 3 weeks the president and his wife will take us to the market to shop and get goodies. There is a teacher here at the CCM that takes care of our letters and gets them mailed, so i wont have to do the pouch for the next 6 weeks at least.
Today was good and everything has gone well so far. I really do love it. It's different than provo, but pretty much better. I love everyone who supports me. I am so grateful for you all. I know that this gospel is true and that i am where the Lord not only wants me, but where he needs me. Love and prayers are with you all.
Elder Turner

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Elder Turner goes to Guatemala on September 7th!!

Thank you so much for the email!! i love hearing how the family is doing! Elder Holland was such an amazing speaker and i'm blessed, truly blessed from my Father in Heaven to have heard the words and counsel of one His apostles.
This tuesday elder Richard G Hinkley of the Seventy spoke to us. It was as tho President Hinkley was speaking to us. He is a disciple of the Lord and i testify of that as well as is Elder Jeffrey R Holland.
This week we got new teachers in out district and they are great. They not only teach by the Spirit, but they teach us to also teach by the Spirit. I added to the front of my Preach My Gospel, "by the Spirit" as it says in D&C 50:14 so that everytime i open my PMG i am reminded that it is by the Spirit that i am to preach.
Elder Hinkley shared that ward missions are thriving and better using the missionaries in the are to do the work of the Lord. i just wanted to share how important it is to continue to do the work of the Lord within the members!! Keep up the GREAT work ward mission and missionaries!!
Thank you for the package, i got it and everything seems like it will work! Thanks for the Hot Tamales haha :) The letters were soooo great to get and i will be writing the kids letters! i have a pic of the family up on the wall and it is great to see you all everyday. I testify that families are eternal and i am so greatful for the gospel that teaches us of this.
Each week we have the opportinities for TRC or teaching experiences and those have been going great. i have learned how important it is to listen and to let the investigators "teach themselves". My trio and i got to
teach missionaries as a teaching experience and they told us that we truly magnify our calling to teach by the Spirit.
Prayers are amazing and i know that our Father answers us. I prayed a lot that i would stay healthy and i have not been sick at all!! the bronchitis is gone :) im not sure if Elder Kauffman is related to the Kauffmans that were in our ward, but i will ask him. other than that Elder Kauffman is great. He is strong in the gospel and we are a lot alike.
Elder Forbush and i are the only two of the total 11 in our district going to Guatemala and everyone is jealous that we only have 5 days left in Provo. I am so excited to get to Guatemala, cuz once i'm there the work is going to be abounding. i love the mtc and it is so spiritual, but i'm ready to get to the country!
Elder Turner