Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I had to go to the capital on Monday and had to leave Sunday night to be able to get there at 9am Monday morning because I had to go with another Elder who lives on the other side of the lake. I am super excited to be here in my new area. I have always wanted to come here ever since I heard of it but when I went to Ciudad Vieja I figured that my chances of coming here were out of the picture.

This week I had an interview with President and he told me that I am here by no mistake and that the Lord needs me here to strengthen the branch and to liven up my companion. Elder Horrock is amazing and we get along great, I'm sure we were friends before this life. Thank you for your support and for your prayers. Please continue praying for me especially so that I can learn this language because it is pretty difficult, but like you said I know that the Lord will bless me to learn it if I put my faith in Him. I'll speak for you all on Christmas so you can hear. One of the members in the area told us that there was a survey taken in the town and they say that less than 50% of the people know how to speak spanish and those who can speak spanish have very poor grammar which makes it difficult to understand even their spanish. The people in Santiago are very traditional people which reminds me a lot of the Lamanites in the Book of Mormon. Many of the people still wear traditional clothing called corte which is what the women wear and the men wear scoff. I want to get a some scoff by the way because it is pretty cool. It is like a pair of shorts that is decorated by embroidering birds into it and it is held up by a fabric belt that you wrap around and tie in a knot, the belt is called pos. The elders used to be able to wear that to work about a year ago, but the area presidency said that we couldn't anymore. The weather here is amazing. During the day it stays about 75 degrees and at night about 65-70 degrees. There are some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets here. It is a pueblo truly blessed by God.

Well I didn't get the box yet :/ I'm not sure what's up, but you should track it to see where it's at. Maybe it went to New York again. Well I tried to think about things that would be nice to have, but I could only think of a few things, Salt and vinegar chips, Flossers, Reeses BP cups, and then some ink refills to a ZEBRA ball point pen F-301 0.7mm, maybe some red hots too. I can't think of much else but whatever you want to send would be greatly appreciated. Music would be nice if you could send me more CD´s. I can listen to any music that is of the Church. EFY, Tabernacle Choir, anything from the church.

It was pretty cool to live 11.11.11, because the next time that will happen is in 100 years. Who knows maybe I'll still be up and living! That's pretty cool that so many people got married that day and I'm sure many many more throughout the world. But man I can't be thinking of that yet! haha although it is a thought that is always there. mawage. mawiage is what gaffers us here today, and wuv twuu wuv!

I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers, support, and of course the packages! Keep up all of your hard work and the Lord will bless you.

Elder Turner

I forgot to respond about my assignment as a district leader but anyways, every night I have to talk to a few other missionaries and see how their day went and make sure that everything is ok with them. I have to, every Monday lead a district meeting where we talk about the work in the district and where I teach a bit about gospel topics and help with teaching situations. On Sundays I have to take all of the missionaries' numbers for the week and report them to the Zone Leaders. I also have to interview investigators for baptism which I haven't done yet, but hopefully will get to do that soon.

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