Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's been a pretty good week this past week and im just loving the mission! There is no place i'd rather be than here in Guatemala serving the Lord's children. In church this Sunday one of the wards had a class on sacrifice in gospel principles and the scripture Matt 19:29 was shared. I had never before hear that scripture, but it hit me that the Lord was speaking to me and telling me to focus myself and he would bless me.

I heard from another Elder from AZ that fireworks were legal now and i didn't believe it but that's pretty cool. I'm sure the boys were super happy about that. The school here in Guatemala is a little different because the kids here have their break, equivelant to our summer break, in the winter but they are all getting ready to go back to school here soon. I'm really gonna miss Aztec Duals this year, but tell the boys to be machines and let them know the Turners are kicking butts and taking names :) I got a letter from Kort this week and i wrote him back and sent it today. Thanks Kort for that letter. It lifted my spirits alot. It's good to hear that you found out about that package because my companion went to the office this week and told me he asked for all of the pouch and there was no package. I'll let you know when i get it. Thank you for the offer on the garments, but the weather is already starting to change. Thank you all who have sent me packages and letters and what not. They have been greatly recieved and I am so grateful for your love and support. :)

Yes mom I have gotten to do a few sessions in the temple here. I did one every week in the CCM and one when I was with Elder Hatch. Since then no, but I'm so grateful for the times that i have been able to go. In fact the temple in Quezantenango Guatemala is coming up on the dedication, this summer i believe. When that one is dedicated they will close the Guatemala City one for remodeling. I'm glad i brought my own temple clothes because the area authorities have said that all members need to have their own temple clothes because Quezaltenango will not rent clothes. It is so true what you said about the temple mom. It is our safe haven here on earth and we are so blessed to have temples in our day. It's amazing the you had that dream mom. It's even more amazing that dad was protected thru all of that. He was protected by angels in that instance. I am so grateful to know that he is ok and that nothing too serious happened to him. Even though im so far away from him my relationship with dad has grown so much. I was thinking about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Even when Jesus felt so far away from His Father phisically, that is when He was the closest, suffering to do the Father's will. Im so grateful to have an earthly father who has raised me in the ways of my Heavenly Father.

I love you all so much :) Have a great week. ¡¡¡Seguid adelante con firmaza en Cristo!!!

Elder Turner

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