Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank you so much for writing me and supporting me in this endeavor. I know that with out your support and love i wouldn't be able to do this. Thank you mom for raising me in the gospel of Jesus Christ and showing me the way that Jesus Christ established. It's interesting how many people here are accepting because they would "never reject the word of God" but when it comes to following the only way that Jesus Christ showed us to follow, it becomes difficult. People feel that if they have accepted Jesus in their heart that they will be saved, but that's not what Jesus Christ taught. He taught faith, which faith is accion, accion (haha what a great spanish-speaking missionary already!'s all the same to him!!) that brings us to repentance. Thats what the gospel is. Repentance brings us to have a desire to change and that change comes thru baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost and then enduring to the end. The gospel of Jesus Christ brings true happiness to all those who search with a willing heart. I am so grateful that the Lord thru His prophet has called me to preach His gospel to the people here in Guatemala. I know that the Lord is blessing me and you also thru our obedience to His call.

This week i got a new companion. My old companion had been in the area 7 and a half months and was burned out of the area. My new companion has a fire and desire to work and we are doing a lot here. I'm still in Patzicia. My new companion is Elder Diaz from Chicimula Guatemala and he has a year in the mission. This change he just went up as District Leader. It's interesting to be with another new companion because i was just starting to really get along with my other companion and then we had changes. It reminds me of what my trainer told me, "just when you start to feel comfortable things change". I'm really having to work with this companion to get along with him because we are very different, but i learned something in my last change with Elder Calona that when you pray for your companion in all things, the Lord will help you become friends. I know that i just need to be humble and rely on the Lord and He will help me.

In my area we are doing a little of reactivating and working with investigators. We have a lot of families who are inactive with children who are older than 8 and so we teach them as investigators. We are teaching two young boys who have a baptismal date for the 29 of this months and they will both be priesthood holders. It's great to see progress in families because that's what the gospel is all about, families.

It started to warm up a little bit for about 2 weeks but now it's cold again and the wind has been blowing like crazy. One of the members told me that it has been snowing in the states and that cold air is blowing down to here.

It's good to hear thats Kort's nose is getting better and that it wasn't as bad as you might have expected. It's getting to the last part of the season and i'm sure that the boys are starting to wear out. That's sad because it's not over yet. We can't give up when the time gets close. We must go all the way to the end. Even though we feel beat up and bruised and worn out like we can't take it anymore, remember that there is someone who knows EXACTLY how you feel. The Lord Jesus Christ suffered everything so that we might humble ourselves before Him and ask for His help and that He might know how to help us. Alma 7:11-12

I had the opportunity this past week to share with an investigator that i had recently lost my great grandma but that for me it was so relieving to know that i would be able to see her again because of the power and blessings of the temples. It's so great to know that our Father in Heaven has created a plan so perfect that no matter what might happen in this life, if we remain faithful, we will be able to be with our families again. I love the gospel :)

Elder Turner

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