Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello this week! It's hard to change companions when you begin to get comfortable, but that's why the Lord changed my companion. I was getting complacent and content when I shouldn't have. I know that with my new companion The Lord will help me learn in ways i haven't learned before. It's nice to know that the Lord does all things for the benefit of His children. I'm blessed to have humbling experiences that teach me and help me to become a better missionary and a better person.

This week, Thursday, The mission was blessed to have the presence of Elder Ballard. He came to the capital, and I am in the mountains, but as a zone, we rented a bus and went 2 hours from our area to the capital to hear him. It was great to have another apostle of the Lord speak to me on my mission. I came to realize, while Elder Ballard was talking, that i need to be more direct when i talk to people. I have to lose all fears and preach exactly what I know, and what the Lord has called me to preach.

It's great to hear that everything with great Gma Bench went well and that you were able to enjoy your time in ID and UT. It's good to hear that you caught the family history bug mom :) something that i would like to do is family history, because there is a part in my patriarchal blessing of family history work and temple work for my ancestors. It would be great to know some history of our family too and how my ancestors joined the church. It's great to be here in Guatemala helping people begin the blessings of the gospel for generations to come. This Saturday my companion and I have a baptism for too young men age 13 and 12. I'm so excited to be able to help them enter the gate and begin their path back to our Heavenly Father.

Man that's frustrating to hear that the boys are having a tough time. It's great to hear that Zack was able to close the gap with the kid from Dobson. That's how you end up beating the kid, little by little you gotta get in his head. Kort don't let down, you are coming into the most important part of the season. Keep your head up and finish strong. Finish strong for yourself. You both worked hard before the season so that when the end of the season came you could leave all that work out on the mat. Let that work show.

The work is continuing strong and The Lord is blessing us here in our area. I know that if you will continue to do the work of the Lord no matter where you are, He will bless you. I love you all so much. Thank you for your supprt and for all the letters i have recieved!! You are great.

Elder Turner

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