Monday, January 10, 2011

Sounds like this week was a little crazy but it's good to hear that you are handling things well. Its sad to hear that Great Gma Bench passed away, but its a happy thing in a way too. Like you said, the plan of salvation is what brings happiness and it makes sacrifices worth while. It's so great to know that we will all be together again enjoying each other's company and love for all eternity.

I'm a little jealous of Kort's broken nose! I miss being agressive and getting nice battle wounds from wrestling. I miss competition but I am learning other attributes that will help me in my life so i'm willing to sacrifice competition for a while. I hope that everything turns out good with Kort's nose and that it's nothing too serious. It's good to hear that they are fighting hard and being agressive. I pray for the both of those two patojos (youth).

It's weird to think that there are elders in the ward again, but it's good and hopefully the ward will progress in the work of the Lord. I know that there are alot of members in the ward, but there is always more to be done, "wo unto him who says all is well in Zion". Keep working hard with the missionaries and help them have success.

Another 6 weeks has gone by which means that it's time for changes again. Tonight i will find out if I am going to have another companion, if I am going to change areas, or if things will stay the same for the next 6 weeks. This change with Elder Calona has been great and I have learned so much. The Lord teaches us in many different ways and thru many different people and Elder Calona has been a great part in that aspect of my life. My spanish has increased immensely this change also thanks to the Lord and to my companion. It's amazing what the Lord will bless us with if we pray to Him in faith. I have started the Book of Mormon for the second time in my mission and just finished second Nephi this morning. Every time i read ch 31 i learn so much more of the doctrine of Christ and it amazes me how simple our Heavenly Father has made it to be able to return to Him. Alot of us fall short but we can always repent if we have faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, and is we desire to be better. We must endure to the END to recieve the greatest blessings and the Father himself saith that we will have eternal life.

Endure to the end and i promise you as a representative of Jesus Christ that you will inherit eternal life.

Elder Turner

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