Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis the Season in Guatemala

Hello :)

I cant believe it is December and as i look thru my agenda this month is going to fly by just as fast as the others have. It is great when time goes by fast because that means that you're working hard and staying busy and thats how i like to feel! I love working hard for my Savior.

Im in Patzicia in a little colony called Zarahemla. The people who live here are mostly members of the church and they believe that it is Zarahemla from the Book of Mormon. Its pretty cool. I am about 45 min away from lake Atitlan which are to be believed as the waters of mormon. Its is cold here because im up in the mountains. Its about 50 degrees during the day with some wind, and at night it gets to be almost freezing. Its nice but sometimes too cold with the wind. My companion is Elder Calona and he is from Honduras. He has been on his mission for a year and is a District Leader. He has been in Patzicia for about 6 months and by the time we finish this change, 7 and a half months. Im pretty sure that he will be leaving the area after this change but we will see. On Thursdays and Friday we have classes of Kaqchikel and wow it is rough! haha it is like nothing i have ever heard in my life! The words sound like ebonics and im amazed that people can understand it. I will learn patience with the language, thats for sure. :) The good thing is, its not mandatory to learn and most people speak spanish also.

Thats sad to hear of the losses for the boys but in our times of trial is when we learn the most. That will be a good way to refocus and work on what counts and what works. Always look for the positive in everything and have gratitude in your heart because there is always something to be grateful for :)

Oh man how great was that Divocional NavideƱo!? I loved it and was so happy that i got to go. We had an investigator that came so we were able to go. It was hard to understand all of it because it was in spanish but i felt the Spirit very strong. Usually they have a room set up to listen to the devotionals and conference in english, but they didnt this time :( The great thing is, is that it is the same message in english and spanish or any other language because its the spirit that speakes and He speaks to the understand of men and to their hearts. I love the Christmas season and have developed a newfound love for the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. Not only did He die for us, but He was born for us also.

Elder Turner

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