Monday, December 13, 2010

Lots of info this week :) it's great to hear of all that great things going on in the family. The Lord is truly blessing you as you are obedient to His commandments. It's so true that our obedience shows our love for the Savior, and like you said mom its not about getting as close to the edge, but walking right down the middle and being exactly obedient. Im grateful for all the mission rules because when I obey them the Lord gives me success. That is how all rules and commandments are, when we obey them the Lord is obligated to bless us.

That's so great to hear that you talked to Elder Hatch. I really have learned, in these 2 weeks not being his companion, how great of a missionary he was. I feel like I took everything I could out of him that would help me in my mission and im so greatful for his example and love for me. My new companion is different but still a good missionary and there is stuff that i can learn from him too. Here in Patzicia there is work to be done. Im excited to work and have the fire to work hard and serve the Lord. The people can be pretty stubborn but I just have to press forward with a love for them and the Lord will bless me with His words to soften their hearts.

It's cold here and its gonna keep getting colder till about mid January or beginning of Feb and then it will get a little warmer. I have a jacket and gloves so that keeps me kinda warm and i bought a blanket for at night so im dealing with the weather as far as that goes :) I always just think that it could be worse and that keeps a smile on my face :)

It's great to hear that the kids are staying busy and active with sports. It makes me miss wrestling hearing of all the boys' experiences but i love hearing about them. It's crazy that the kids are already coming up on break!! Time is flying by faster than ever for me and it's not slowing down one bit. I kinda like it like that because i miss everyone but at the same time it's sad because i have already lost 4 months of serving the Lord that I can't get back. That makes me work hard everyday knowing that i will never get this time back.

Well i just wanted to let you know that i got my first case of the mission's famous sickness last pday. It was quite a bummer throwing up but all is well now :)

Be examples of the believers in all things. I know this gospel is the way to salvation and eternal life and it is the only way to true happiness on this earth.

Elder Turner

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