Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

We got to talk to Kasey this morning for about an hour. It was so awesome to hear his voice and see how he's doing. Last night, Mom had us write down a few questions we could ask him so that when the time came to talk to him, we would have things to talk about since his time was limited. We each got to talk to him for about 5 minutes.

Some of the questions we asked and answers we got:
What is the weather like? Right now it is cold and will get a little colder in the next few months. It doesn't rain very much.
Have you seen a banana tree? No banana trees, but there are avocado trees all over.
How many pounds of beans have you eaten? Well they are measured in kilos so at least 350 kilos of beans so far.
What is the weirdest thing you've eaten so far? I haven't eaten too many strange things yet but for Thanksgiving there was this dish that was absolutely disgusting. It was a mixture of everything you could think of: broccoli, hot dogs, chicken, cheese, and beets...the beets turn everything purple and it was the grossest thing I have ever eaten.
Is your mission a walking mission? Yes we don't have bikes or cars so we either walk everywhere or take the bus. Imagine a yellow school bus packed with over 300 people...the busses rule the roads so you have to be careful because the drivers drive crazy and don't look for people.
What is your area like right now? I am in a pretty poor area right now. I am in the mountains and the people live in tiny little shacks. In my last area, the people were pretty rich and my bishop had 6 cars!! In my neighborhood right now, 48 out of the 50 houses are member homes so we are usually somewhere other than our neighborhood during the day. There are inactive families though that we work with in our neighborhood.
How many times have you gotten sick? 2 times so far. I am trying to stay healthy!
How many companions have you had? 2 and my companion right now is Latino so I get a lot of spanish speaking time.
Are your neighbors scared of you? No because 48 out of the 50 neighbors are members.
How much weight have you gained? 10 lbs, that's why I asked for exercise bands and a jump rope!

Kasey is doing well. He is loving the area and the people. His spanish is getting so much better! He bore his testimony in spanish for us and Mark (Kya's boyfriend) was able to translate what he said. The spirit was really strong and even though we couldn't understand everything Kasey was saying, we could feel the love that Kasey has for the gospel. He is a great missionary!

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