Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Every Day is a New Adventure

Hello!! :)

Well i have to be honest, i shouldnt know my change but i do because of the connections my companion has. I guess its just all about who you know :) normally we would find out the monday night before changes (tonight), but my companion called the assitants and found out. They are putting sisters back in the area, and Im headed up to the mountains to a place called Solola and my area is Patzicia. Ill be learning Cachikel, a native language. Thats about all i know and im still in San Cristóbal for now, so thats where i need to stay focused.

Its kinda sad to know that you are leaving an area especially when you are just falling in love with the people. My companion said that thats pretty much the mission life. Right when you are finding success and feeling comfortable, the Lord in His wisdom makes a change. Pres Stiemle in the CCM said that when you are comfortable, you're not progressing, and i feel that he is very correct. When we are comfortable, often times we become complacent and that is a way that satan works on us, thru compacency. If we arent moving forward, there is only one other way we can go and thats backwards. We must always put our shoulder to the wheel and press along.

Kort thats great to hear about your successful match. Im proud of you, but like i just said if your not moving forward, your falling back. Always keep trying to do better and keep working hard. Zack, sometimes forfeits are nice but dont float on it. Move forward and work hard. You have to always work to the best of your ability because in the end you're the one looking back in the mirror and you cant lie to yourself, let alone youre Father in Heaven. He expects the most out of us in everything we do. Zackary, listen to your mother. She knows!! Trust me i've been there and girls are trouble. Get your grades up boy!!!

Thats great to hear that Kya and Mark are doing good and its good that he got to know the family, and that dad was in a good mood :) Its good to hear that Kirsten is getting married too cuz i dont want Gpa Bench counting on me for great grandkids like he said! There's plenty before me!!

We have been blessed in this area and yes we are having success getting some people to church. Yesterday we ahd 3 families :) How awesome! I love to see families in church because that is where happiness is found, when the whole family is working together in a great cause. We're still working with a family, moreso the father of the family, because he hasnt come to church yet. Its very hard for him to make the decision between work and church, because if he doesnt work, his family doesnt eat. The circumstances for some people here are very hard. Imagine working for 12 hours a day and earning maybe 2 dollars for the entire day. Thats how hard it is here. In my area i see both ends of the spectrum tho and that makes it even harder.

Well theses Chapines (thats what Guatemalan people are called) sure know how to party!! Yesterday we went to a party for an investigators child who was turning 1, and let me just say, it was crazy! The piñata was the best part because they have a piñata for the kids and a piñata for the adults :) they made us hit it. When the little kids where hitting the piñata, there was a mom who was near breastfeeding her baby and when the piñata broke open she was the first one getting the candy. It was probably one of the funniest things i have ever seen.

Well this week has been great and we are seeing success, but of course i have to leave the area. I have began to fall in love and now my hearts going to break, but thats the cycle of a missionary. Im so grateful for you all and i love you all.

Elder Turner

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