Monday, November 22, 2010

Coming Unto Christ

I have to admit it made me a little sad when you talked about the boys wrestling. I really miss it. This is the first year in 8 years that I wont be on a wrestling mat and it really bumbs me out. Especially cuz im getting chubby!! One of the sisters that was in my district in the CCM told me that I am looking a little gordo. I couldnt tell until she told me but now that i notice it i gotta start working out more!! Anyways, enough of my chubbiness.

I was thinking about it this past week and thats right that Angus is going out soon. Angus goes in i think the day that my companion goes out. Thank you for that quote from President Eyring mom. I am trying each day to really focus on the importance of my calling and the power i have to change lives. Its so true that as missionaries we have been called of God to be a mouthpiece, to declare His word and be a light to the world. I dont say this to boast but I know that the Lord has placed His trust in me and now it is up to me to do with it all I can. I made it a goal to make my mission mean EVERYTHING to me and as i serve diligently, the Lord is blessing me with the feeling to know that my mission is becoming everything to me. Thank you for being an amazing mother who has taught me the truth. Thank you for having faith in me and praying for me when I steered myself from the path because I have now tasted of the sweetness of the Tree of Life and desire that everyone must taste the same! Jeus Christ is the way and He will ALWAYS be standing there with open arms to recieve His lost sheep even until the last one comes. He is calling us, all we need to do is follow His voice.

Our investigators are doing good and progressing but the challenge is getting them to come to church. The two familes that are progressing are pretty humble so the dads are usually working on Sundays so they will be able to buy food. Thats the biggest challenge is getting them to come to church. Our other challenge is just finding families. I guess this is my taste of what it might be like to serve in the states because everyone in this area drives so its hard to contact people when they are driving by you. But the great thing is that no matter how hard it might be to contact people, the Lord blesses us with members who are willing to support us and give us references, and in fact one of these references just got baptized yesterday :) The first baptism :) Its so great to see people come to Christ.

Kort and Zack i need you to do me a favor. When you step on that mat tomorrow you be relentless. Like you have been coached, become a machine.

Elder Turner

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