Monday, November 8, 2010

Learning and Growing

Hello All :)

Well to start off, i have to be honest, this week was a little rough for me. There were a few days where I was just wonder what i was doing wrong or what do i need to do better and like you said mom, i realized that i just need to serve. I was too focused on me. I was struggling with the language and speaking and it was frustrating, and so i decided to pray for help. I got my answer. I was too focused on learning the language for my own benefit and trying to make myself sound more fluent to gain the confidence of people. I heard the Spirit speak to me and tell me that when i realize that im learning spanish so that i can share the gospel and not to be a native, thats when i will find success. So far the Spirit has been right and the great thing is, the Spirit will ALWAYS be right. Thank you for teaching me the importance of prayer, mom.

I know that the boys are having a tough time now because of wrestling but i can tell you that wrestling has helped me be a better missionary because i finished every season strong. I had coaches and a father who pushed me because they knew i could give more and i cant thank them enough for making me work harder. The boys will get there one step at a time.

Mom i got my greenie package!! Thank you sooooooo much!! it was uplifting to get that and have some candy to snack on :)

Well about the dogs, i havent had too bad of a problem. I only had one incident where the dog of the people living above us tried to attack me and i just kicked it and ever since then he has kept his distance. There are alot of nasty dogs around and my companion said that these are good looking dogs for Guatemala.

This week has been great and very helpful to my growth. Thursday we had a Zone conference with Elder Martino of the 70 and that was edifying. He told us that we need to step up our baptisms and focus on getting people to make and keep that commitment. Friday as me and my companion were walking home from the bishops a lasy who was driving by stopped to asks us when church was and said that she had been thinking about church all week. She is a less active who wants to start coming back to church and wants her family to come also. She came to church Sunday :) What a blessing that the Lord just placed in our hands.

The Church is true and i know without a doubt in my heart that this is the Lords church. The Book of Mormon is the most true book on the earth and by reading it anyone can come closer to God and Jesus Christ.

Love, Elder Turner

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