Monday, November 1, 2010

This Week in Guatemala...

Hello :) Life is AMAZING. I couldnt have it better!! I am growing so much and learning so much everyday. I have seen blessings so much in these past two weeks that i have been able to recognize and i know that is because i am growing closer to the Spirit. We can truly learn so much when we center our lives on Christ and do as He said "come follow me."

Pinares, and Balcones are all part of my area, but i think you might get closer with Sector B-1. It took about 15 min to get to my area from the chapel where we did change conference so im not too far from the main "hub". And the good thing is, is that since my companion was in the mission office he is friends with everyone who has a car so the secretaries gave us a ride to the house. My intestines are holding up great and i thank the Lord for my health because i truly rely on Him to sustain me. This work is tough but I know that i am able to do all the things i have to do because it is the will of the Lord and He is counting on me. We have to ride the bus so much and Wyron and Danielle were right, they can fit about 200 people on a 50 person bus. The other night we were on our way back home and we go up a big hill to get there and the bus just shut off about 3 times (on the third time we just got off and walked cause it was faster).

The families we are working with are doing good and we are just doing the best we can to help them understand how important this is for them. One family in particular, not the family we commited to baptism, a different one, are doing great and we almost got the whole family to come to church, but the husband had to work. This family is very humble and lives in very humble circumstances so for him to not take the job wasnt even an option. It broke my heart because he really wanted to go to church but he had to support his family. Its amazing how satan works to keep families from the gospel because it doesnt even have to be something bad to pull people away. Like it says in the scrìptures, with a flaxen cord he will lead us away until he has us bound with chains.

Thank you Sumners and Gwinners, i love you so much and thank you for your support!! Last night as i was walking down the street at 8pm i realized that it was halloween and it made miss being with the family and kids but i knew that you were all having a great time and loving your candy :) They dont really celebrate halloween here because they dont understand the meaning or so behind it and they think we worship the devil on that day. kinda crazy if you ask me.

Mom i was wondering if you were doing anything in ward mission with the Mission Process? If not i think it is something the ward should really work on because it is revelation on how we can work more effectively, missionaries and the ward.

I love you all so much and i am so grateful for your support!! Serve the Lord.
Elder Turner

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