Monday, November 15, 2010

Today in Guatemala City

I was reading in Mosiah today, how Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah were converted to the gospel and i was thinking about the conversion happened. They were visited by an angel. Wow! how awesome would it be if we could all be visited by an angel and become converted to the gospel like the Sons of Mosiah and Alma the younger!? But I was then drawn deeper into the story. What really was the cause of their conversion? The prayers of their fathers. Because their fathers were praying for them the Lord in His infinite mercy allowed them to repent and come unto Him. The prayers of parents and those who are righteous can truly work miracles.

Ill be waiting for the package mom. Thank you so much :) You are the most amazing missionary mom! My companion says thank you for the package too. (hahaha he enjoyed sharing the rules that when you get a package, you share with everyone :) We have been getting along great and he has been teaching me so much in regards to the gospel and also in regards to life. He told me the other day that he is hard on me because he knows what potential i have and it reminded me of dad. We have people put in our life who have more experience to teach us so that we can be better and reach a little higher. In the moment i never understood why dad was so "mean" but now i know and i am so grateful for it. I wish i could be there to help out the boys sometimes because i know what it's like but now it's their turn to see what they will make of themselves. To see if they will work to the top or just fall to the side and quit like satan wants them too. Satan knows that if he can get us to quit something small that he will be able to work at us and get us to quit something big.

That's great to hear that you are working on the Ward Mission Process. Remember that it is revelation from our Father in heaven on how we can really feed His sheep. We're trying to get it started here in San Cristóbal and i know that if we do that's when were really gonna be seeing the fruits of our labors. Keep working to push it mom, I know you will see success too if you do :)

Oh man :( im gonna miss the Christmas program. I love singing those songs and feeling the Spirit of the Lord through the beautiful music. Christmas is gonna be different this year, but not too bad because me and Elder Hatch bought a Christmas tree and decorated it last week :) It's never too early to start the Christmas spirit!

That makes me so excited to hear that the work is progressing and that the Gilbert Temple is started! Here in Guatemala, the Quetzaltenango temple is getting closer and closer to being done and from what i have heard it will be dedicated in 2011. How amazing is it to know that the Kingdom of God is growing here on the earth!! I love the gospel so much. The gospel truly is the only thing that can bring happiness in a world full of sin and troubles. The Book of Mormon is amazing and so true. I dont find it the least bit ironic that it was composed onto plates of gold because it is the most precious thing that we can have and read and share with everyone.

This week has been great and i am loving every second of my mission. I know this is where i need to be and the Lord is blessing me for it.

Elder Turner

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