Thursday, September 2, 2010

Elder Turner goes to Guatemala on September 7th!!

Thank you so much for the email!! i love hearing how the family is doing! Elder Holland was such an amazing speaker and i'm blessed, truly blessed from my Father in Heaven to have heard the words and counsel of one His apostles.
This tuesday elder Richard G Hinkley of the Seventy spoke to us. It was as tho President Hinkley was speaking to us. He is a disciple of the Lord and i testify of that as well as is Elder Jeffrey R Holland.
This week we got new teachers in out district and they are great. They not only teach by the Spirit, but they teach us to also teach by the Spirit. I added to the front of my Preach My Gospel, "by the Spirit" as it says in D&C 50:14 so that everytime i open my PMG i am reminded that it is by the Spirit that i am to preach.
Elder Hinkley shared that ward missions are thriving and better using the missionaries in the are to do the work of the Lord. i just wanted to share how important it is to continue to do the work of the Lord within the members!! Keep up the GREAT work ward mission and missionaries!!
Thank you for the package, i got it and everything seems like it will work! Thanks for the Hot Tamales haha :) The letters were soooo great to get and i will be writing the kids letters! i have a pic of the family up on the wall and it is great to see you all everyday. I testify that families are eternal and i am so greatful for the gospel that teaches us of this.
Each week we have the opportinities for TRC or teaching experiences and those have been going great. i have learned how important it is to listen and to let the investigators "teach themselves". My trio and i got to
teach missionaries as a teaching experience and they told us that we truly magnify our calling to teach by the Spirit.
Prayers are amazing and i know that our Father answers us. I prayed a lot that i would stay healthy and i have not been sick at all!! the bronchitis is gone :) im not sure if Elder Kauffman is related to the Kauffmans that were in our ward, but i will ask him. other than that Elder Kauffman is great. He is strong in the gospel and we are a lot alike.
Elder Forbush and i are the only two of the total 11 in our district going to Guatemala and everyone is jealous that we only have 5 days left in Provo. I am so excited to get to Guatemala, cuz once i'm there the work is going to be abounding. i love the mtc and it is so spiritual, but i'm ready to get to the country!
Elder Turner

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