Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New language, new calling, new place, new...last name???

Elder Turner is enjoying his time in the CCM (Guatemala's MTC) learning LOTS of new things. He writes:

Famila y Amigos!!!

Lo siento por que hoy, martes esta mi dia de preparacion, por que maƱana es la dia de independencia en Guatemala. (tuesday is my pday cuz tomorrow is Guatemala independence day, i guess its crazy in town so they dont want us to be out of the CCM gates really at all tomorrow.

Wyron was so right! there are totillas at evey meal and you can also almost always count on beans with that.

Good news, me and my companion are Zone Leaders as of Sunday. we are in charge of the 2 new distritos de Norte Americanos nuevos. It was kinda crazy when we found out because the whole meeting was in spanish and the started anouncing callings and we had no idea what they were and the all the sudden we heard our name and stood up having no idea what we just got assigned to do!! It is way cool to be in a leadership position to serve even more my fellow companions friends and elders.

On wednesday a bus load plus more of latinos got here in the afternoon and that has been quite the experience. i have made so many new friends and my efforts desires and abilities with spanish have been growing immensely! the Lord truly calls us where us as servants specifically need to be and He prepares a way for your success. My name to all of the latinos is pronounce Elder Toornair. Its so funny to hear them always ask how to say my name. i love it!

The president here is so nice, and his wife is too. They make this experience feel like im at home. Sis Steimle is so sweet and loving. Pres Steimle is so inspirational and he make me want to be better every time i talk to him. he has given me an even better outlook on obedience.

The gym at this CCM is way better than provo believe it or not. i love it! we get 45 min a day to workout minus Saturday and Sunday. I love my teachers too Hma Sosa, Hma Leonardo and Hmo Estrada. They are way nice and i love how much they care about their job to serve us.

In 3 weeks we get to go to the Central Parque and proselyte!! its going to be crazy, but i am so excited. i know that the gift of tongues is real and i have seen it in my everyday life here!! i love you all!!

1 nephi 9

Elder Toornair

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