Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Elder Turner is now in Guatemala!

Elder Turner has finally arrived in Guatemala. He left Tuesday September 7th in the morning and flew to Texas where he spent a few hours waiting for his flight to Guatemala. He called home to talk to the family (and called me too!!) and it was so good to hear from him. The next time he'll be calling home is Christmas. We are so proud of him and the things he has already accomplished in his service to the Lord. He said he'll be sending pictures soon, so that will be nice to actually see what he's up to in a foreign country! He absolutely loves what he's doing and he is learning a lot. That little gringo will be speaking spanish fluently in no time!!

This is his first letter from Guatemala. He'll spend 6 weeks in the MTC there before he actually gets out into the city and really goes to work. His experience is unique because he spends time in the Provo MTC and the Guatemala MTC, whereas most missionaries spend all of their introduction time in the Provo MTC (unless you're special and go to the MTC in Brazil or England or the other ones).

Elder Turner writes:
I am in Guatemala now. we arrived about 930 and got to the CCM (mtc) about 1030. We had dominoes pizza for dinner and that was kinda a comforting thing to know that there is a little more than beans and rice here. jk jk :) The real food is actually great. I loved my beans and eggs for breakfast. I can already feel my spanish picking up because thats all you hear. I love this place. As i type this email i am looking out the window at the temple and it is magnificent. So beautiful i cant put in words. My p-days are wednesdays and i will be emailing then for the next 6 weeks. Every 3 weeks the president and his wife will take us to the market to shop and get goodies. There is a teacher here at the CCM that takes care of our letters and gets them mailed, so i wont have to do the pouch for the next 6 weeks at least.
Today was good and everything has gone well so far. I really do love it. It's different than provo, but pretty much better. I love everyone who supports me. I am so grateful for you all. I know that this gospel is true and that i am where the Lord not only wants me, but where he needs me. Love and prayers are with you all.
Elder Turner

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