Sunday, August 29, 2010

Elder Turner's Time in the Missionary Training Center

We're starting this blog for any and all of you that want to keep up with Elder Turner and his mission. He is serving in the Guatemala Guatemala City Central Mission and he entered the MTC on August 18th. Elder Turner has been in the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo for 12 days now! He is enjoying his time thus far, and he will be heading down to Guatemala on
September 7. This is the first letter he's sent home.

It is so Amazing here at the MTC. The Spirit is so strong here and i know that we are doing the work of the Lord. The days are so busy and every minute is used. Thank you so much for that scripture in Mosiah 2, it really hit home with me for everything that has been going on this week. Obedience is key and i am so blessed when i follow the rules. i cant fathom to think of sleeping in not even 1 min because over two years that 1 minute really adds up. I dont know anyone here that i have known previouly, but i have made tons of friends. i am now in a trio because an elder got her on Monday. he had previously been out, but went home and is now back. His name is Elder Kauffman and he is from Scottsdale AZ. One thing that reall sucks tho is that he got here monday afternoon and wednesday morning he was sick. we went to the health clinic and found that he has bronchitis. :/ yikes. but the Lord is keeping me healthy thankfully!! Elder Kauffman along with the other 8 in my district are going to Concepcion, Chile. Elder Forbush and I are the only 2 going to Guatemala. its kinda a weird arrangement but it works. It always does when the Lord is on your side.
I have been soooooooo busy. Sleeping is good im so worn out that it doesnt matter that im sleeping on a metal bed and i cant tell when i wake up so it works out. Thank you for the DearElder letter. I cant express enough how good it is to get written letters. I only have 30 min to email so i wrote/mailed an idea of my schedule to you. It great to know that ward mission is doing great and tell Sam and Scot to do all they can to prepare their lives to serve the Lord. on Monday Elder Forbush and I were interviewed for the Salt Lake Magazine and they said we will be in one of the editions for the next following months possibly Oct. Nov. or Dec. please see if there is a way you can get a hold of the magazine. I have been informed that to travel to Guatemala i will not need a Visa, I will be traveling on my passport alone so my departure date will most likely be Sept. 7. Ill be looking for those camelpack thank you! I love you all so very much and remember to SERVE the LORD. Se que Jesucristo murio por nuestros pecados. Jesus is the Christ.
oh btw i wanted to let you know that at the Tuesday night devo, i was blessed to hear an apostle of the Lord, Elder Jeffery R Holland. He is a man of God and Loves the Lord. He told us to remember that "This isnt Burger King and you do NOT get it your way." be a missionary in all you do
I LOVE YOU, Elder Kasey Marshall Turner


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  2. Another thing I have seen that is nice is to also add at least some of the letters that the family sends to Kasey. Not only does it help connect the thoughts he shares, but it also will make a good keepsake for him.

  3. I have no idea how to fix the font! Shoot, that stinks! Maybe someone can help me...

    That's a great idea to put part of the letters that we send to him. Thanks Sara!! :)