Thursday, May 31, 2012


Thank you for writing me and always supporting me with my mission. I just read the message that Kya sent me and it was a shocker to hear about all of the news going on around home. Kya is going to be married here soon and I can't believe it. I'm sure you and Dad are having the flashbacks more often than I am, but I just can't help think of all the goofy mischief that me and Kya did when we were younger. No more mischief these days, just a lot of growing up. I'm so glad that we have the gospel and that we know of the importance of families. That is crazy to me that Andrew is getting married, but that explains why he's been so busy. I'm proud of him for making the decision to get married. That will give me more of a push to get married.

You should have the boys write me about the trip they went on, I wanna hear how it went. I'm praying for them and I hope that like you said the spirit touched their hearts to soften them so that the gospel can begin to have a place in their heart and in their life. I can't wait to see them again. I had a thought about my homecoming talk, although it is still far away, but I think that it will have to be the 10th of Sept. and then I would like to go up to Utah on the 11th if possible. I mention this now so that you can talk with the bishop and plan things out well in advance. Let me know what you think. Have you talked with the mission office or travel agency of the church about planning the trip here? 

I haven't gotten my debit card yet. I thought that being here in the capital would make things like mail faster, but I guess not. I might have it in the next two weeks but I'm not sure. I will be sure to let you know asap.

Well work here in the area is progressing and we are trying our best to be patient yet diligent. I'm praying for success and the Lord is providing in His own due time and way. It's about diamonds. I'm getting there. I love my companion, I love the Lord and I Love this gospel. The Book of Mormon is true and it is our guide, along with the prophet, to lead us back to our Father in Heaven.

Elder Turner

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