Sunday, January 8, 2012

This week was a great week and my companion and I stayed pretty busy. In spite of the fact that Saturday was New Year's Eve my companion and I had a great day as far as visits go and we were able to find new investigators also. I feel blessed to know that if we put our confidence in the Lord no matter what the circumstances are, He will bless us and always help us to have the success that we desire.

Today I was touched by a scripture in D&C 100:3-6 about how there are many people all around us, and as a missionary I have been assigned by the Lord to a specific place to be able to share the gospel with his children, all I have to do is open my mouth and the Lord will put into my mind and my heart what He wants me to say. On Saturday my companion and I were knocking doors about 8pm which isn't the most effective hour, but we still needed to find new investigators and have one more visit to reach our goal for the day. We were walking towards a restaurant to get dinner before we had to be home and we walked by a little house with the door cracked open and as we passed by I saw a man sitting down talking to another man, but we kept walking. We passed about 3 more houses and I told my companion that we had to go back and talk to those men and so we did. They let us in and we were able to share a brief message about the restoration and one of them accepted a return visit. Who knows what will come of Francisco who accepted a return visit, but I do know that the Lord always prepares the way when we are doing what is righteous and when we follow the Spirit. I'm glad I listened to that still small voice because when we got to the restaurant it was closed.

New Year's night was normal for my companion and I as far as the parties go. We were home at 9 and in bed by 1030. we did wake up to see the fireworks which was a way cool because we see the whole town from our house and there were fireworks everywhere.

That's great to hear about the fun you had on your Utah trip. I can't wait to be with everyone next year! I can't believe that Sean is already entering the MTC. The only advice I can give Sean is to consecrate himself. That's where the difference is made. How about Bryant? Is he preparing? That's crazy that Kya's engagement is official! I can't believe my sister is going to get married. It's going to be a race once I get home. I can't be left single. I gotta keep progressing! btw congrats sis. How'd it happen?

Well my time is running short but know that I love you and that I'm excited to come home this year! The Lord loves you. Be obedient and you will be blessed. The Book of Mormon will be a treasure this year as we study it in church. May we all read the Book of Mormon this year with a desire to grow in our faith in Christ.

Elder Turner

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