Saturday, January 14, 2012

First off let me just tell you how grateful I am to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and to have been born into a family where both my parents knew the inportance of righteousness and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to have been taught by goodly parents the ways of the Lord. Parents who trust more in the Lord than in themselves and parents who taught me that the Lord loves me. I know that it was a struggle with me and I am grateful that you have forgiven me of the mistakes that I made in my youth. I promise that my mission has changed me and that day after day my mission means more to me. I know the Savior loves me because He gave his life for me and he has forgiven me as I have prayed to Him sincerely and as I have confessed myself unto the Lord's responsible servants here on the earth. I have such a strong testimony of repentance. I have learned a lot over my time in the mission and one very important thing is confessing our sins unto the Lord's representatives. Sometimes we make mistakes and we feel like if we confess to the bishop maybe the biggest thing that we have done that we are covering all the little stuff too, but that's not true, in fact it is a way that Satan pulls us down with him. Satan also tries to tell us that we can just say a prayer and that by telling the Lord that is good enough. Again, another lie of Satan. I'm glad that I have grown enough to be able to understand that doctrine. I pray that repentance will become a very crucial point in everyone's life. We can't be saved without true repentance.

Tell Ana and Pat and all the kids that I say hi and that I love them, and good luck in the race! That's crazy to hear about the missionaries in the ward because that made me think of when I was starting my mission. It's crazy to think that I was there about 17 months ago or so. Time goes by so fast. I know I always say that, but it's so true. I'm coming up on my last 7 months and then we will be together at least for a few months :) This week I got a letter from Tisha and she told me that UVU has a Physical Therapy program. I remember you telling me that UVU didn't have one, but maybe you could call Tisha and find out more info.

This last week my companion had a pretty cool experience. I don't remember how, but we got onto the topic of how we aren't here to help those who are healthy, and the Lord said, we are to help the sick, those are they who need the Doctor. Later that same night we were knocking doors and one of the doors we knocked there was a man who let us in. We got talking to the man and he said that he has had a lot of problems in his life mainly with drugs, which we later found out that they were very hard drugs. He told us that he had been doing them for the past 15 years and that he really wanted to get out of the addiction. He on his own has stopped for the last two months and said that our visit was timely and that he has been looking for better friends and people to surround himself with. Yesterday we went back and I haven't seen anyone happier to see us at their door. I, in that instant, felt a true love for the man as he recognized us as people who could really help him find a better life.

I am doing my best to look up. Thank you for the reminder mom. :)

Elder Turner

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