Thursday, December 22, 2011

Well this week was great. I started off with what I mentioned last week with the mission Christmas activity and that was a great boost for the rest of the working week. I love temples and I am so greatful that we have temples on the earth to perform saving ordinances not only for ourselves, but also for our loved ones and those who have passed on to the next world. This weekend the Quetzaltenango Guatemala temple was dedicated which now makes for two operating temples in Guatemala. The Guatemala City temple is going to be closed here in the next few months, or so the rumors say, to be remodeled. I'm assuming that after that it might be rededicated, but who knows, time will tell. On Saturday via Satelite we saw the cultural event for the temple and that was cool because the branch I'm in participated in the presentation. Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Anderson were here to dedicate the temple, but unfortunately I didn't get to see them. That would have been a cool experience. :)

I didn't get any packages at the activity, a missionary had mentioned to me that I have a package in the office. The way they did it last year was they brought the packages to the Zone Leaders' house a week before Christmas and so hopefully they will do it the same way this year and I can just go and pick it up before Christmas gets here. It was way cool to see the pioneer movie and to have one of our direct ancestors be one of the main characters, it's just a bummer I didn't realize who she was until way into the movie. Once I got home, I pulled out the pedigree charts and the information on Amy Loader and read it again because it had been a while and that was a neat to have seen the movie and get a depiction even more vivid about who my great-great-great-great grandmother is.

That's great to hear how the boys are doing in their wrestling matches. I hope that Kort can see now that he needs to be wrestling Varsity because JV isnt much of a challenge for him. Coach may have said some questionable things, but you aren't wrestling for him, you're wrestling because you're good at it and you want to be the best person you can be. Kort now has to prove to Coach that he is ready. I'd get feisty if I were you and show Coach that Zack Walton has no desire, he screwed up last season and he screwed up again. If he really wanted it he'd get his act together but Kort's got to step up first. I miss wrestling. I'm pretty sure I'm going to wrestle in college and fight after.

Congrats on the Messiah concert Mom. I miss hearing some great classical Christmas music. This Christmas will fly by and next year I'll be home but either way I'll be doing what the Lord expects of me. Who knows maybe I'll spend next Christmas with my fiance.

Well have yourself a merry little week. Let everyone know I love them.

Elder Turner

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