Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This week I got my birthday package!! I was so happy to get and so surprised too because I thought I wouldn't get it for another two weeks, but Sister Baldwin (Pres. Baldwin's wife) came to inspect the house of the other missionaries in our area and dropped packages off. I also got the cards from the ward. Thank you 12 Oaks 1st Ward!! I love you all and miss you. Your support is greatly appreciated!! I got the package from Chloe also, thank you very much. Deb don't worry I got your package too :) The family history stuff is so great Mom. Thank you for sending that. I never thought I would be so interested in my ancestors, but their stories are fortifying. I also got Grandpa Turner's "Book of Wisdom". Thank you for the package and thank you for all the great cds Kya! :)

I hope that the missionaries in the area will find success thru the help of the members. It is true and said by a prophet that missionary work will go forth with more power and more success if the full time missionaries and the members work together. I know and I have seen that promise put to the test in the area I'm in right now (patzicia). Our ward mission leader has been a key to our finding, teaching and baptizing. I love to know that it is not 100 percent up to me to find people, because contacting all day long gets a little tiresome although it does have its plusses. Mom you are so amazing to be praying for missionary experiences. A lot of times we become afraid to pray for missionary experiences because we know the Lord will give them to us, but when He gives us those opportunities it is because He trusts us and He will give us the words to say. Keep praying Mom!! :)

That's good to hear that Mack is growing up! It's crazy to think that the kids are gonna be so much older when I get home and that they will have developed into their own persons with their wills and desires! I miss you all so much Kya, Kort, Zack, Mackenzy, and Brooklyn and I pray for you all. Never lose the faith. Do what you know is right and stand for truth and the Lord will support you in all you do.

In all honesty I think my bowels are going to be a problem until I get back to the states but that's alright. Job suffered a lot worse for the Lord's sake. I'm trying to eat healthier although it is harder because it's expensive and we don't receive too much to buy the better foods. The language is coming along great and I know and I have gained a strong testimony that the gift of tongues is real. I have gotten to the point where I can have a conversation with just about any one (minus those who speak the dialect:)) although there will be a word or two that I have no idea what it means. I write the words down that I dont know and I look them up so that I can always continue to progress with the language. I'm so blessed to have the language be one of my strong points in the mission and that I'm not held back by the language barrier. It is all because the Lord sees fit.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Faith is what our decisions ought to be based on.

Elder Turner

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