Monday, February 28, 2011

This last week was a great week. I'm a proud to say that I am a servant of the Lord here in Guatemala. I know that this is His work and that I am an instrument in His hands. I have been so blessed to see this week three more of God's children enter into the waters of baptism, two of which were converts and the other counts as a ward baptism. We were able to help a man that has been receiving the missionaries off and on for more than 5 years to be baptized on Saturday. What joy that was to see that the fruits of so many efforts was finally able to open the door and begin down the path that leads to eternal life. Also we had been teaching a young girl whose mother is a member and she was baptized this Saturday along with her little sister. I got to baptize the man and the little girl. Oh and by the way me and my companion are getting along a lot better :)

The Lord has blessed us with agency. We are all free to chose how we will react and who we will follow. I am so grateful to know that you have taught me the gospel and have shown me the path I should take and that you allowed for me to choose for myself what path to follow.

Thank you all for your love and support.

Elder Turner

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