Thursday, March 29, 2012

I wrote Kort a letter and I'm planning on sending it today so hopefully it will get to him soon. I wrote it after reading Alma 5 so hopefully it's not too hard for him. I love that kid and I pray that he will look up soon. You are so right about how Satan is working so hard with all of us, but especially the youth and those who are investigating the restored gospel. I still consider myself youth in many ways, and I feel like Satan is always looking over my shoulder whispering things into my ears and being a missionary I feel like there are so many more ways that we can fall and Satan is attacking every single point he can. But the Lord will not allow us to be tempted more than we can handle which is the beauty of it all. As I strive to be more obedient and resist Satan's temtations the Lord strengthens me and gives me the power to conquer.

I haven't gotten the package yet, but I should get it this coming week but I'll let you know. Sometimes we just have to be patient even though my birthday was over a month ago. I really like that quote by Pres. Monson. It will be going up on my white board when I get home today. Wow, I can't believe that Landon is getting released already. Time is just not stopping or slowing down. I have been working a lot harder than I ever have and the days just don't have enough time to be able to get all that we plan done. We are usually contacting people until the last minute to be able to reach our goals and to be able to find new investigators. My companion and I have been working really hard to prepare a family for baptism this General Conference weekend, but when we passed by on Saturday night to our surprise we found the man drunk. It had been over a month since the last time he drank, but Satan got him to fall. I believe that the Lord allowed that to happen to humble the man and his family because they began to lose interest and think that everything was good. We visited them yesterday and he was repented he told us that he knew that he needs to be baptized again and so we will be helping him this week stop drinking so that we can prepare their baptism for the month of April. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Well I'm not sure how humorous you'll take this, but I thought it was pretty funny. So about two weeks ago I was on divisions with the other missionaries in my district and I was in the other missionaries are, San Lucas Tolimán. Me and the missionary were eating lunch in a restaurant and I had ordered more food than I needed, but I want to eat it all because I had ordered it so I decided to make some room and let some gas out. We were the only ones in the restaurant so I felt fine letting go, until one of those farts was no fart. It was followed by everything that I didn't want to let out. Yes, I pooped my pants. I didnt know what to do, so I just started laughing. The missionary that I was with thought it was hilarious because the same thing happened to him a few months earlier when him and I were together on divisions in Patzicia.

The Book of Mormon is true. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I love this gospel.

Elder Turner

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