Monday, March 26, 2012

Thank you for writing me an email and letting me know how the family is doing. I know that families are eternal and that we are an eternal family and we will be able to enjoy the blessings of the celestial kingdom together. Thank you for your example to me. You are the mother that Kya, myself, Kort, Zack, Mackenzy and Brooklyn need to help us get down the straight and narrow. I know that faith is the first principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ for a reason, because without faith we can achieve nothing. That is why Satan is attacking Kortland's faith. If he can get Kortland to be an unbeliever he will feel satisfied. Kortland is a great person and that is why Satan is getting to him. Kortland has great potential and he will reach that potential as we show him the example. I know that Kortland will pull through if we fight for him. Satan is real and he wants us all, but we can't give in and we can't give up. Share your testimony with Kortland often and I know that the Spirit will soften his heart.

It's amazing how Satan can tell us lies and how so many people are falling for them. Sunday night my companion and I were knocking doors and a man let us into his house. We shared the restoration of the gospel with him and in the end he told us that he could see the conviction in our eyes that Joseph was a prophet, and that he had conviction that the Catholic Church was the church of Christ. It was as though he didn't hear the point of our message but we invited him to pray to know if Jesus called Joseph to be a prophet. He said that Joseph was a prophet for us, but to him Joseph isn't a prophet. It was kind of like what Kortland told me that if you believe it enough, that thing becomes real to you, but in regards to the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is the only thing that will bring salvation. If we do not believe that The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints is the church of Christ here on the earth we will be sent to an eternal place of suffering. Joseph was a prophet for the whole world not just for our church. The Book of Mormon was translated by Joseph Smith by the gift and power of God. Jesus Christ is the only
way and the only way that we can receive salvation is in and through baptism by someone holding the priesthood authority of God which was restored to the earth to the prophet Joseph Smith by Peter, James and John. If we are not baptized by the authority of God and endure to the end, we will not be saved in the Kingdom of God. For I, Elder Kasey Marshall Turner, speak with boldness, having authority from God; and I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear (MNI 8:16).

I may not always have a ton of crazy or funny experiences to write, but that doesn't matter, what matters is that I will go to my grave with the Book of Mormon in my hand testifying that it is the word of God and that only in and through Jesus Christ can we be saved. God is a God of order and we must live His gospel to be saved. There is no loophole in the Gospel. It is a straight course that leads to eternal life. Those who do not obey the commandments of God will be cut off from His presence, and those who live the commandments will be blessed in all things, temporally and spiritually. I do not lie for I know that those who do not live the gospel will suffer endless torment. I will live out my life in fear towards God because I know He lives and I know that He loves me and if I want to be with Him in the Celestial kingdom I must do as He asks. Jesus Christ lives and He is our Saviour.

I love you all. May you all live in obedience to the commandments of God that you might be the means of bringing to pass miracles. The gospel of Christ has changed me. I am not my old self and I am grateful to God for that.

Elder Turner

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