Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I finished reading the New testament a few weeks ago and I really like the scripture in Hebrews 13:17-18. I know that prayers are important and that we need to pray more for our leaders so that they will guide us in righteousness. I asked the district to pray for me and it was a pretty humbling experience because I feel like sometimes they see me as the big bad wolf because I'm always asking them for more but I hope that this scripture helped them and that they will pray for me to be what the Lord needs me to be.

I love the analogy with CTR and the baptismal covenant but it's a bummer that it doesn't translate over to Spanish and much less to Tzutujil. I like the current temple recommend, that one I had never heard and speaking of that I almost have to get mine renewed. That's pretty crazy to think that it's been almost 2 years since I got my recommend and started going to the temple endowed. I love the temple. I'm so excited to go more often when I get home. Not to focus on the future, but this number is pretty crazy. I only have 24 weeks left. That is a pretty small number, and that also means that only 24 more of these emails. I promise I'm still focused, and I will be until the day I die.

I'm glad to hear that Kort went to the wrestling tournament. They aren't always the funnest things in all honesty, but it's usually the things that we don't enjoy that we need to do more often to be able to see the success. We have been commanded by our mission president to open our mouth more and it is bringing much more success. We have a family that is preparing for baptism the first of April and we are going to be holding the service the Sunday in between the sessions of general conference. I am super excited for the weekend of spiritual overload! This week was a pretty crazy week and I feel like my patience was tried as I was doing all I could to share the gospel but no one wanted to hear. Satan is the father of contention and he was working his way into my feelings as we talked with people who didn't want to hear, who just wanted to contend with us. I started to become like them, contentious and irritated at what they said. I prayed to be more humble and more patient and it seemed that the people got more contentious and more irritable. The blessing is that I know what I'm doing is true and no one nor anything can change that. This is the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ of which I am not ashamed. This week I began reading the Book of Mormon and I read a scripture in 1 Ne 17:50. Nephi is a stud.

Funny moment of the week: my companion and I knocked a door where we saw a man and his wife sitting outside and they let us in to share a message with them. We entered into the patio area and they brough out some stools and invited us to sit down. We prayed and I began to talk and as I was talking I heard something small hit my shoulder and I looked over to my companion to see him look at me and then look up to the sky. I thought to myself "you have got to be kidding me." we were sitting right under a tree and a bird was sitting right above me. I didn't want to look at my shirt for fear of losing composure, but the moment we left that lesson I couldn't help but bust up laughing. What were the odds that I would get pooped on.

I love you guys. Tsakichuq´a

Elder Turner

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