Friday, May 13, 2011

It was so great to talk to you all this week and to hear your voices. I am so greatful that you are my mother and I hope that all of your prayers are answered as you do what the Lord asks you. I know that the Lord is pleased with you and how you are raising us kids. Be patient with the boys and they will grow out of it . I went thru a phase for a while also where I wanted to go into the marines, but it passed like all the other phases do :) If he really has a desire to go to the Marines, like you said mom the time to do so is after the mission. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to serve and eventually you will lose it if you don't take it. That is so great to hear that he is getting better and that he will be able to take this step in his life to be ordained a priest. That's great to hear about the property and the house, that everything is coming together and construction is going to begin. Keep me updated on how it is coming along. Are you going to take family pictures this summer? It would be great to have recent pictures of the family.

As far as the package goes, some treats would be great :) Load that sucker up with some peanut M&Ms :) amd some red hots, and any other candies that you and dad and the family like so that when i eat them they remind me of you :) if you can, get some letters in there too. I'm super excited for the package and I'll be waiting for it in a few weeks.

Things with my companion are a bit better but still on a rough edge. Thank you for your support and prayers for the both of us, we really need it. It's super hard to do the work of the Lord without the Spirit and in fact it's useless because the people will not be truly converted if the spirit isn't with us. I'm striving to do the work of the Lord and to make Him proud. This week to come will be an interesting one and I pray that I will be able to be as effective as I can.

Thank you for all of your support and love.
Love, Elder Turner

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