Tuesday, April 5, 2011

General Conference was such an uplifting and motivating experience and I am so glad to have come on the mission and been able to experience General Conference as a missionary. These last two conferences have been some of the most spiritual and uplifting experiences that I have had in my life. Now that I have put my life in tune with the Spirit I have been able to be edified and enriched by those men and women who have been called of God and who speak to us in conference. I loved the talk given by Elder Robbins also. It was great and helped me to "check" myself and my willingness to obey the Lord and look inside to evaluate who I want to be and what I need to do to become that, or rather allow the Lord to mold me into what He wants me to be. I don't remember who gave the talk but I remember a line that really stuck out to me that, the furnance of affliction will bring us closer to perfection. I also enjoyed greatly the talk given by Elder Bednar in respect to revelation. I have been struggling with myself in the feeling that I think that I don't receive revelation when my companion and I are working because I don't know where to go specifically or I don't know exactly what door to knock, but thru Elder Bednar's talk I realized that I have been confused on my concept of revelation. Most of us, and most often, we receive revelation line upon line and precept upon precept until we are filled with the love of Christ. I have been waiting to receive revelation as though I were going to turn on a lightbulb, instantly, and I have missed much of what the Lord has been giving me since I have been 8 and had the Holy Ghost.

I also got to watch conference in english and that was a great blessing, just the 4 north americans in one room. Some of our investigators came to conference and what was great was that 2 families were able to attend :) That's what it's all about, the families.

That's so great to hear that Mack did well in her talent show. I'm super impressed and super proud of her; I just wish I could have been there to enjoy it with you all. That's great that Brooklyn is having success with soccer! I'm jealous of her because I'm still not that great. We played soccer last p-day on a synthetic field in my area and it was good but I got sunburned pretty good because the sun is super deceiving here. It is often really cloudy so the thought of sunscreen didn't pass my mind. I promise I will wear sunscreen next time mom :)

This week as far as the work goes, was a bit under average because we missed about 2 full days of work with General conference and we also had a Zone meeting about 2 hours away from our area. We were a bit low with the data but I'm not worried because it's not the numbers that make us who we are, although they do help to show what we have been doing. I am grateful that the Lord blessed us with people in General conference and that we were able to be nourished by the good word.

I know that the Lord is pleased with me when I strive to be obedient. I know that obedience is how we show our love for the Lord. Today in the district meeting I had some thoughts come into my head on the topic of obedience that I would like to share. "Do I love the Lord? Am I obedient? If I'm obedient I love the Lord. If I love the Lord, I am charitable/I have charity. If I have charity I help others. If I help others, I follow the second commandment. If I follow the second commandment, I follow the first commandment. To follow the first commandment, I must follow all other commandments and rules that the Lord has given me."

Elder Turner

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