Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I saw on the calendar that Tax day was Sunday and it made me think of you Mom and I imagined that you were pretty happy for that. Well this email confirmed that. I'm glad that you were able to get done what you needed and I'm sure that with all the crazy stuff going on around the house you were just beat, but that comes to show you that the Lord loves you and He will always support His children when they are righteous. I know that the Spirit can truly renew our bodies because I have felt that here in the mission.

This week was crazy for my companion and I, but I am grateful for the love the Lord has shown me by giving me trials and refining me. Last Monday night I was talking on the phone to the other Elders in the district when I heard that another call was coming in on the phone and as I looked at the caller ID it was the mission president. Normally when he calls it's not just to chat so ya I was a bit nervous but I answered and he said to me "Elder Turner I'm worried." That was probably the last thing I wanted to hear from him, but the conversation got better as he asked me if for the next 12 weeks I was willing to be 100% obedient. I said that I was absolutely willing and he told me that the Lord had called me to be a trainer this coming change. He also informed me that I will be in a trio for at least 5 weeks with a missionary that has had some struggles in his mission. I love that president trusts me. I had a meeting on Wednesday last week to be trained to train so I had to leave at 4 am and lost some precious hours of sleep. We don't get naps so this week was hard to recover from that loss of sleep but I was definitely rejuvinated by the spirit in order to keep working hard each day. Saturday was a rough day because we knocked so many doors, 71 in fact, and only got into 2 houses. Needless to say it was a very long day. Tomorrow I will be leaving my area at 3am, which means 2am wake up, in order to be in the capital at 7am.

I love what you wrote on repentance mom. I feel like a prime example of repentance. I have changed more than I even thought possible and like the example of the piece of wood where a nail is removed and the hole stays, true repentance closes that hole and it is no longer visible. I know that in my youth I did many things contrary to the will of God and I caused many tears to be shed not only by myself, but by many loved ones. Along with those tears came many prayers. That is what saved me. The prayers of others, especially you, are what kept me alive and running through the years and now I've repented I'm going strong and I'm never looking back. The Lord knows who I am and He knows all and gives us always the opportunity to change. I know that I'm different and I'm grateful for being different because I'm happier now than I've ever been. The gospel is real and I have seen it change the lives of many. Mother know that you have done your part with me and the Lord will repay you for that. Don't give up with the boys. They need your prayers more than anything. Like with Alma the younger it was for the prayers of his father that God sent him an angel. Keep praying Mom. I love you for all that you have done for me. I can't wait to be in the Celestial Kingdom with you and dad! Time's a tickin and I'm going hard. The decision has been made; I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ. This is Forever.

Elder Turner

Being gangster or something?? :) (input from Kya)

This was after the bird pooped on me. Gross.

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