Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well this week was a great week, just like every other week I have had on my mission thus far and I'm sure that next week will also be a great week because I'm in the work of the Lord and there is no other thing I need to be doing in my life right now. The baptisms we had last weekend went great and I was so happy to have been able to help those kids make a change in their lives that they will never forget. I know that they will remember that day for the rest of their lives. This week in church, as far as investigators go, wasn't as numerous as the past weeks have been but those who did come are those who can really progress to baptism here in these next weeks. Today we are going to visit one of the families who came to church yesterday and we are going to put a baptimal date with them for a week from yesterday. Another family that came is super close to getting baptized and the dad says that he is going to get baptized but when we talk about a specific date he gets uncomfortable so we are looking for the way to get to his heart and find out why he doesn't feel so comfortable with baptism. And yesterday another investigator that came to church was a man who we found about 4 weeks ago and he also got baptized yesterday. The work in Ciudad Vieja is moving along great but the members are just a bit cold and that worries me. If there is ever a baptism in the ward or if someone you know gets baptized you have to promise me you will go to the baptism and support them.

On Saturday we got to give service to Brother Mario, the man who got baptized on Sunday. He works in a river shoveling out sand for a living and he gets paid very little to do so and so my companion and I decided we were going to help him. This job consists of shoveling the sand out of the river on to one platform which is the shore of the river, where it is then shoveled to another platform about 3 feet high. After getting the sand to the second platform it is shoveled to the last platform that is about 5 feet high and as the sand adds up you have to shovel it higher and higher. once the sand is on the third and last platform the truck comes and you have to shovel the sand again into the truck. The work is hard but someone has got to do it and he is the guy. Not to mention he is 50 years old. Can you imagine being 50 yrs old and shoveling sand 6 days a week for 12 hours a day? I can't. I was dying after 15 minutes!

I hope that you all enjoy your week and that you stay safe. I love you all :)

FYI this week we have changes again and all of the missionaries (credible sources, such as leaders) say that I am leaving the area. Who knows! I find out tonight so I'll let you know on monday what really happens.

Have a safe week

Love and Prayers,
Elder Turner

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