Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This week was a great week and I have to say that the Lord has blessed me tremendously. I can honestly say that I have given it my all over the last 12 weeks and when I thought that I wouldn't see the fruits of my efforts, the Lord opened up my eyes and blessed me. On Saturday a young man entered into the waters of baptism and tonight we will be completing a family with the baptism of the wife. I'm so glad that I have been able to be sent to "tough" areas in the mission because that is what has shaped me into the person that the Lord wants me to become. I can't express what it feels like to help someone come to the waters of baptism especially someone who the missionaries have been fighting for months and years to help them make the decision to follow the Spirit. Tomorrow is change day and I will be leaving Panorama. My last 6 weeks will be in another area. At first I was a little bummed out because I won't be so close with the people in my new area, but at the same it helps me to focus on my purpose and to work hard so the the last 6 weeks will be the best 6 weeks. I'm excited to get out and go work in another area because that's where the Lord needs me to be. It may only be a few weeks, but I know that I will be the means of bringing God's children home to Him. 

We are continually working with Max to help him progress towards baptism, but we are working hard to help him overcome some of his habits so that he can live in accordance to the laws and ordinances of the gospel. He is coming along well and I know that he will accept the restored gospel and be baptized by the proper authority, I wish I could be there for it. We are working with a few other families here in Panorama that very well can get baptized in this month we just have to get some legal papers in order so that they can get married. The gospel is so great, it is all about the families and the joy that we receive being in the bonds of an eternal family. 

I got an email from one of my companions who got home in March and he told me that he is getting married in December. I feel like the whole world is gonna be married when I get home! haha I'm glad that everyone is finding their match. I'm super excited for Andrew although at first it was rough for me because I wanted to hang out with him when I get home, but he's helping me more by getting married because that will help me focus on marriage once I'm home :)

Life is great. I'm glad to hear about your experiences with your family in Utah. Like I said, the gospel is all about families. I know that our family is eternal and that we will be able to enjoy eternal happiness in the world to come if we are obedient to the commandments. I love the gospel and I love the Savior. Let us put on the whole armor of God and be protected as we are among the temptations of the world. I love you Mom and I thank you for your support over the last 22 months. I'm going harder than I ever have because this is over time and as my Father continues to work I will too.

Elder Turner 

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