Monday, July 11, 2011

I am loving my new area. It's weird to think this or maybe even believe it but I already enjoy this area more than my last but I know that it has a lot to do with the success we are having. I feel like in my new area, Ciudad Vieja, the people are much more prepared and willing to hear the gospel. I liked what you said about the spirit, how we must have the spirit to be an effective instrument in the Lord's hands. This week was a testament to me of the truthfulness of that statement. It all begins in the companionship and my companion and I are getting along great so the spirit is able to be with us. We are able to work more effectively with the Spirit and I saw that in our dates for this week. My companion and I set a mission record this past week in "new families found in one week" with 20 new families. We found 54 new investigators. How did we do it? By the guidance of the Spirit. I feel like this week was a fulfillment of the scripture I chose for my mission in bringing thousands of souls unto repentance. I know that all was possible as we put our faith in the Lord and as we set goals and strived to reach them. This week we also put a baptismal date with a sister that we are teaching named Aura. The Elders have been teaching her for a while and it was an entire family, but the Sunday before I got there her husband passed away. We have a baptismal date with her and her daughter for the 31st of this month. Keep them in your prayers :)

That is a crazy experience you had mom with the dust storm and thanks for always being an example and looking on the bright side of things. I am glad that I don't have to deal with that or the heat, all I have to deal with is the rain and the streets that turn into rivers when it rains. This week it rained super hard on Thursday and we had to get to an appointment that was down a hill and the only way to get there was to walk in water up to the middle of my calf. I got completely soaked, but I loved it because I know that it was all for the Lord. I know that He has felt worse.

I'll be excited to get pictures and to hear about all the fun you are having in Utah. I hope that your vacation goes well and that you all stay safe. I'm sure it will be good to get out of the heat and enjoy some weather similar to Guatemala just without the rain :)

Mom are you crazy ? :) I can't believe that you are mentioning me coming home!!!! I still have 13 months left. But I know that preparations need to be made. I have thought very little about what I'm going to do but it has crossed my mind to wait until January to start my classes for the reason of finding a job and working to save a tiny bit of money before I go to school. What do you think?

I love you all and I hope that all goes well this week.

Elder Turner

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