Friday, October 15, 2010

Time in the CCM is coming to a close...

Elder Turner is leaving the CCM (Missionary Training Center) this week...he will officially be "in the field" sharing the gospel with the people of Guatemala. We are excited for him to begin this next part of his adventure!!

Mom updates Elder Turner:
Hey Kasey,
We missed you last weekend at Brooklyn's baptism but are so proud of you and the work you will do to bring many people into the waters of baptism. It is such a blessing to be able to share that knowledge with people. There are many that are kept from the truth only because they know not where to find it.

Grandma Turner flew in on Wednesday and stayed until Sunday. It was nice to have her here. The Baptism was really nice. There were 3 other kids from the stake that were baptized as well. I got to give the talk on baptism and the Holy Ghost. They only do one talk now since the wards split off for the baptisms. The Olmsteads, Wells, Br. Gallagher, Aunt Robin and GG and their families and Deb and kids were there. Then we had a little luncheon afterwards at the house. It was really nice.

The kids are on fall break this week. Kort is up in Utah with Brig and the girls have been at Cam's. It's nice to have a break from the school routine.

Can't wait to hear what you've been up to.

Elder Turner writes:
Hello all,

The work is going great ands yes i only have 6 days left in the CCM!! finally!! it has been such an amazing experience, but let me tell you i am ready to get to the real deal. Brooklyn im so proud of you and so happy for the decision you made. Its so great to have the gift of the Holy Ghost with you forever now. im jealous i missed it but i know it was great. I hope all the kids are having fun and being safe. they are always in my prayers. Im so grateful for the family and all you have done for me.

My 2 cents of conference.... I loved It!!!! I found out that the very first talk by president monson was not off of the teleprompter and that talk moved up to my second favorite talk. he spoke about missionaries and it was very genuine. I also loved the talk given by Elder Holland of course. Elder Holland is amazing and everytime i hear his words it livens me up.

Yesterday, Tuesday, there was a CCM devotional and Elder Martino of the 70 came. it was a really good devotional and the coolest part for me was that the scripture that he chose to base his talk on was Alma 26.22, my mission scripture. I feel like i have just been coming alive in these past few days because of the spirit i have been able to feel.

This monday my companion, Elder Santos and I went to the parque central to proselyte. It was one of the best experiences i have had so far, but ive been out for 2 months so im not sure if i can categorize best experiences and more, im so old :) The parque was the test for me to see how much being in a latino district helped and im glad to say it really has. My campanion was really shy because this was his first time at the parque so i got to help him out a little. We take these crazy city busses that look like they are gonna fall apart, and actually sometimes they will just die in the middle of the road (its happened twice). By the time we got off the 15 min bus i had already talked with 3 people and had given them all pamphlets of the restoration. If you are willing to open your mouth and talk with people the Lord will fill your mouth and i can testify of the truth of that. once we got to the parque its was even more fun. we just walked and talked with everyone. the people are so great and are willing to listen. the last man that me and my companion talked to was Josue and before we were even done bearing our testimony he asked when and where church was. it was awesome and the Lord is preparing his children.

The next time you get a letter from me, i will be in the field :) if you could just look up the address to the mission home in City Central that would be great because i dont have it now.

I LOVE you all thank you for everything,
Elder Turner

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