Monday, October 18, 2010

Elder Turner leaves the CCM to start preaching in Guatemala City!

Mom and all,
Thank you for the love :) I get to write today before i get out to the field tomorrow so here it is. I will be in the mission home tomorrow around 9 am and i wont find out who my trainer is until wednesday. im thinking tomorrow will be alot of training but im not sure, we have to bring a 24 hour bag cuz we wont see our luggage til wednesday.

Grandma Turner, i was curious if your brothers name was Craig? my mission President at the MTC shared a journal entry of his and he mentioned an Elder Ririe. i asked him where he was from and he said California. He was serving in Argentina not sure what years. President Stiemle is my mission presidents name. Lemme know what you find out, Thank you.

So just a little of my life here in the CCM (MTC). Nothing has really changed for me, but every day gets better because everyday i learn a little more and the Spirit edifies me more. I grow everyday because the Lord loves me and i recognize Him in my life. So each Sunday we are to prepare a talk because for Sacrament meeting they call the speakers at random, and this Sunday was my turn. I spoke on the importance of listening. We need to realize that if we listen to those who are speaking with a real desire to understand them, the Spirit will speak thru us and help to meet any needs that the investigator might have. PMG teaches to not be afraid of silence and that is so true because that is how we can hear the sweet whisperings of the Holy Spirit. For some reason, the podium was broken this Sunday and was stuck all the way up so i was blessed to be able to hide my nerves behind the podium. Everyone was laughing at the beginning of my talk because i said the Lord has blessed me with the broken podium to hide.

Mom im thinking that the dear Elders will be better rather than emails as far as friends and siblings go because i really just dont have much time. please let people know.

Thank you for all of your help and love and support and prayers. I truly feel them.

Elder Turner

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